NIMUDE was founded by French-born Japanese denim afficionado Kei Akaho.

Since he was a kid, he has been fascinated by vintage jeans. He studied all the vintage details for decades, and learned denim process and fabric constructions while working at Kaihara mill in Hiroshima. 

The name of the brand, NIMUDE was inspired by an anagram technique called ‘Verlan’, popular among french youth. 

The word play along with the birthplace of the denim, Nimes, France, stresses the brand’s desire to have a strong French essence in its creation.​

NIMUDE only uses high-quality Japanese selvedge denim, stitched by artisans in Okayama. ​

Although NIMUDE comes from vintage background, our brand is clearly different from those "vintage copy brands".

It comes with minimal-contemporary design made to fit any fashion scenes such as luxury, vintage and street fashion.

Our denim pieces will become your most loyal partner.